Mercedes AMG VRace Shoot in VR360 2D 5K

Shooting of Mercedes VRace Experience

VR experience shooted inside a Mercedes car driving through Madrid city streets during day and night in 5K 360º Kataclack VR system


KATACLACK has provided VR shooting services for recording the VRace experience for Mercedes. Our VR360 configurable shooting system was selected for this application for several reasons. First of all, camera acquisition time is perfectly synchronized for all views thanks to our CDTSS technique (Centralized direct to sensor syncronization) which is extremely important for shooting inside cars that are moving at fast speeds like this one.


Moreover, high image quality and wide dynamic range was required for this project. KATACLACK system uses large super 16mm sensors with 5.5um pixel size (like professional cinema cameras). Thanks to this, camera sensitivity is high enough to shoot at night and still provide a high quality image with low noise. System dynamic range is wide (10 f-stops) to capture car details that receive less light at the same time as exterior images with a bright sky.


Another important point for shooting with us is that our rig size is similar to human head size, which provides a better feeling and comfort when watching the video with VR glasses.


Finally, RAW uncompressed for ultra-high image quality is maintained through the complete workflow, from recording to the final stitched images. This is possible thanks to our propietary post-processing and stitching RAW software.


Even working with uncompressed video, standard production times were maintained.

Mercedes AMG VRace is an innovative new VR experience. “Every city hides a racetrak”. The experience brings the streets of Madrid to Jarama race circuit. Customers feel that are being driven through city streets while they are in a Mercedes AMG car racing in Jarama circuit. This project was carried out for La Bicicleta and Lavinia companies.

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